Travel the World, But See Konya
Travel the World, But See Konya

Travel the World, But See Konya ; In this article, we will explain why Dervish Rent A Car, a corporate rental car company serving locally in Konya, is the best car rental company in the sector.


First of all, let us introduce ourselves, Dervish Car Rental was established in 2010 by Derviş Türkoğlu. Derviş Türkoğlu, who used to be in the food industry, was appointed as Türkay Gıda İNŞ. LTD. ŞTİ. In 2010, it entered the Car Rental service with a change in the sector.


Currently, our business, which has a wide choice of vehicles with different models and brands in the economic, medium and luxury segment in the car rental sector in konya, offers services to all individuals who meet certain car rental conditions.


Dervish Rent a Car; Istanbul to Konya, especially private institutions outside the Republic of Turkey individual car rental, Ankara, Kayseri, Istanbul and our country has been supplying tools to several major cities.


In addition, chauffeur-driven car rental service is also provided on your special days.


If we summarize our article;


Our company provides no-charge, no deposit, no credit card blocked car rental service.


We have a choice of vehicles for every budget. Economic, medium, suv, luxury, hatchback, sedan, 4x2, 4x4, van etc.


Our distance to YHT Train Station is 1 minute! In addition, we have vehicle delivery to any location within the Airport, Bus Station and Konya.


Our vehicles are full rent a car insurance so that you can be safe and not victimized.


Do not deal with the maintenance, service, visa of the vehicle! Do not buy, rent and enjoy the privileges of Dervish Car Rental.


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